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How to block negative reviews on Google

Many businesses are trying to find ways to block negative reviews and delete negative reviews from Google. Google My Business listings unfortunately don’t get the support they deserve.

Google is unfortunately inconsistent with how they regulate their reviews. Genuine accounts with legitimate reviews, Level 8 local guides and such getting blocked from leaving reviews, yet allowing for fresh new accounts, leaving only 1 bad review ever in their lifetime to keep their reviews posted up on the business they’re attacking.

Using a review filter service like fast reviews, will help get you the reviews you need. This is achieved by having a filter between the user leaving the review and the actual google review URL.

Fast Reviews essentially hosts a “Get a review” page on your behalf and blocks reviews that under 4 stars. When a review is under 4 stars it saves the review for you to be able to audit yourself. If someone selects 4 or 5 stars, that user is redirected to Google’s actual review page.

Does it block all negative reviews?

Unfortunately not, if someone were to go directly to your Google My Business listing at their own accord they would still be able to leave a negative review. The idea here is to encourage both Good reviews and reviewers to not be shy and leave a review.

How to remove negative reviews

Removing negative reviews has been done in the past with smart phone farms who repeatedly report negative reviews coming into a business. This is done in the hope that Google will flag the review as requiring some sort of human-intervention (or better yet just remove it automatically).

Unfortunately due to inconsistent results, Fast Reviews no longer offers this service on a one-hit- review scale. Instead they offer a review fighting service that essentially just reports all of the negative reviews back to back until they’re gone. This has worked pretty good so far.

How can Web V8 help?

With our TIER 3 plans we offer FREE Fast Reviews basic tier subscriptions.

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